Commercial Kitchen & Food Prep Equipment

Preparing great appetizers, entrees, and desserts is no easy task, so it is important that you find the right equipment and tools to perform the job. Get consistent, efficient results by purchasing the best commercial kitchen and food prep equipment available from US Foods Culinary Equipment & Supplies. Choose the commercial slicer, food processor, or sandwich prep table that you need to get the job done right. We offer worktables and equipment stands in many sizes to accomodate the space limitations in your kitchen.

Kitchen & Foodprep Supplies


An essential part of the food prep equipment in any kitchen, cutlery is used for just about every recipe. From boning knives to paring knives, we have all the kitchen knives you'll need. At US Foods Culinary Equipment & Supplies (formerly Superior Products), our assortment of restaurant smallwares includes an extensive selection of cutlery items, from the knives themselves to block sets, sharpening tools and cutting boards. Start shopping our entire collection of commercial food prep equipment today!

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If you're a restaurant owner, kitchen manager or other foodservices professional looking for quality food prep equipment at a great value, your search is over. US Foods Culinary Equipment & Supplies offers an extensive collection of restaurant appliances. Find everything from food processors and slicers, to mixers, juicers, blenders and more. Our stock of restaurant appliances is full of high quality food prep equipment and superior products you need to maximize the efficiency of your kitchen.

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Anyone who runs a kitchen understands the importance of food storage. Whether it's storing ingredients before food is prepared, or having the proper smallwares to store prepared food that has yet to be served, having the right containers and packaging to store your food is important to preserving its quality. At US Foods Culinary Equipment & Supplies, our collection of commercial food prep equipment includes a wide variety of superior products made for storage. We offer an assortment of food containers and pans, from standard square and circular polycarbonate containers to high-heat pans. We also offer a selection of commercial ingredient bins, packaging machines, and more.

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Tables & Stands

Anyone who has ever worked in a busy kitchen knows that counter space can disappear quickly. US Foods Culinary Equipment & Supplies (formerly Superior Products) offers a wide selection of worktables, equipment stands, tray stands and more, all ideally suited for providing kitchens with more food prep and storage space. Whether it's a rack for storing trays filled with ready-to-be-served food or a sandwich prep table, we have the restaurant equipment and supplies you need.

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Pizza Supplies

Whether you're a traditionalist or culinary innovator, US Foods Culinary Equipment & Supplies connects you with pizza supplies and commercial restaurant kitchen equipment to help you craft authentic Italian recipes. Rising crust, dynamic flavor, enticing aroma - building the perfect pizza requires dependable, quality equipment. From pizza cutters to pan racks, we'll ship your new restaurant accessories to your home or workplace. Outfit your establishment with the right tools, and provide patrons with the dining experience they are sure to tell their friends about. US Foods Culinary Equipment & Supplies (formerly Superior Products) helps expand your menu with our versatile pizza supplies that will allow you to create calzones, baked sandwiches, and many other hallmarks of successful pizza restaurants.

Request a catalog, and learn how US Foods Culinary Equipment & Supplies can equip you, your staff, and your dining room to meet the demands of your loyal customers. Build a foundation of flavor with our complete selection of kitchen supplies and accessories.

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